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elpicaro2 25th March 2009 05:38 PM

3D acceleration
I'm new to fedora and I have used ubuntu for a while. I'm using linux on my old computer which has an old ATI Radeon 9000 graphic card. I installed fgrlx and my card is recognized by fedora. The only problem is, that I have no 3D acceleration. When I play a movie with VLC player, the images are quite miserable and I cannot play graphical games.
I searched and tried a lot. reinstalling the drivers, etc. didn't work for me.
Maybe someone has got a clue to this?
Thanks in advance

JohnVV 25th March 2009 10:47 PM

it is my understanding that the old ati drivers ( for the old cards) dose not work or dose not work well with the NEW xorg that is in fedora 9 , 10 ,11 alpha ,...

did you read through the ati how to
" Howto for fglrx (Ati driver) and Compiz-fusion"

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