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multiboot xp, w7, fedora, ...

hi all,
i'd like to install xp, win7, fedora, ubuntu...

i installed xp
then i used gparted to create a partition before xp and installed w7
both can dual boot fine

i installed fedora 12
in grub i can see fedora and windows bootloader
i can get to win7 and login fine
when i go into grub, then win bootloader, then xp, i can get to the login screen, but i can't login
i enter my pw, it takes several seconds, seems to login, then quickly logs out... i see "closing network connections", then i'm back to the xp login screen again

i'm not sure why i can't login to the xp partition
fedora and win7 work fine

win7 & xp worked fine before fedora

grub menu.lst looks ok

any help ???

after fixing this, i'd like to next install ubuntu

hd0,0 - sda1 - w7
hd0,1 - sda2 - xp
hd0,2 - sda3 - extended
hd0,4 - sda5 - fat32 (data)
hd0,5 - sda6 - /boot fedora
hd0,6 - sda7 - / fedora
hd0,7 - sda8 - swap fedora

thanks for your help!

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splashimage= ......
title Fedora 12
root (hd0,5)
kernel ......
initrd ......
title Windows
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1
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