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Re: fedora 16 install issue after reboot

Originally Posted by sasigns View Post
Hello and thanks in advance for any help.. First let me say that I am totally new to the linux world.. I have played a bit on ubuntu and learned some terminal commands but that is about the extent. I am starting a new job and have to learn RH / Fedora.. So here I am .

On to the issue! I am running an intel desk top pc. I only have one hd on this system at this time so there are not multiple drives (well besides the optical.)

When I go to install everything loads up fine from an install dvd. It goes all the though the install process (I have been choosing the full space install were it is supposed to format the entire drive) once its done it sayes to reboot so I do. Here is where I get the issue..I get the following

Client Mac Addr: Guide:
PXE-E53: No boot filename recived

PXE-M0F; Exiting intel boot agent.
no bootable device -- insert boot disk press any key
Like it is mentioned in an earlier post your BIOS is set to do a PXE BOOT. You have to change that in BIOS. Have you disabled BootPXE? if not do so.

Try it.

Then Reinstall Fedora... it is easier. Remember to make sure that your GRUB is being installed to /dev/sda.

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