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Old 7th May 2008, 03:02 PM
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Fedora 9 and KDE 3

I'm planning to upgrade from F8 to F9 as soon as the final release comes out. I use KDE 3 on my desktop and plan to keep using it. I've tested the latest releases of KDE 4, but I don't think it is yet in a stage for me to switch.

I came across a post that raised some concerns in my mind: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/forum/...82&postcount=5

I understand that F9 will ship with KDE4 only and KDE3 legacy libs to run kde apps not yet ported to KDE4. Nevertheless I always though that one can still dump KDE4 and install KDE3 in F9. But the post states that one "CAN NOT use 3.5.x".

So my question is: will fedora, after the release, provide in the F9 repositories the complete set of rpms to run KDE 3 in F9? Or, in other words, how easy will it be for me to get KDE 3 running on F9?
Old 8th May 2008, 04:05 AM
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Old 8th May 2008, 11:33 PM
BostonWatcher Offline
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Thanks Rex. I see that is not going to be straightforward...
Old 9th May 2008, 12:34 AM
marko Offline
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What I foresee happening is that F9 will come out with KDE 4.0.X (whatever X will be, 3 or 4)
then a few months into F9, Kde will update to 4.1 and become a lot more usable
Old 9th May 2008, 03:19 PM
dustymnt Offline
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I installed Fedora 9 Preview last Sunday with KDE 4. I've used KDE for some years, but unless something changes drastically for the better in KDE 4 I shall switch to Gnome.

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Old 9th May 2008, 03:54 PM
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Can't you just skip Fedora 9 and keep using F8 + KDE 3, until Fedora 10 comes, probably with a much better KDE experience?

I know it's a boring way around this, but I'd think it would be an easy one for those not interested in early-adopting KDE 4.
Old 9th May 2008, 04:50 PM
dustymnt Offline
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I have three computers running F8, one with F7, and another running Debian. This is a resurrected early AMD64 system which I have not used for about two years.
Old 9th May 2008, 06:41 PM
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I have been trying out the latest kde4 from ubuntu's latest offering. It is running like alpha code. It is incomplete in functionality and I am running into a lot of general usability issues.

As the systems administrator for 20 Fedora workstations, I will not be using Fedora 9 if kde4.0 is shipped with it. We will stick with F8 until kde 4.x stabilizes. If it takes longer than F10, we might have to look at distributions that have the 3.5 kde available as an option.

It seems like whoever made the decision to go this bleeding edge has not used kde4 in everyday computing life.

Luckily, kubuntu setup kde4 so that I could easily downgrade without munging up my kde 3 settings.

From what I am reading, my fedora users will have significant downtime while they both work around the bugs/incomplete features and the destruction of their 3.5 profiles.

This is a major disappointment for us. Not just that F9 is shipping with KDE4, but that kde4 itself is so bad. I had high expectations for it.
Old 9th May 2008, 10:47 PM
a thing Offline
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It would probably be easiest to stick with Fedora 8 until KDE 4.1 gets into Fedora 9. Note that this will not be right when KDE 4.1 is released.

Originally Posted by darthwonka
This is a major disappointment for us. Not just that F9 is shipping with KDE4, but that kde4 itself is so bad. I had high expectations for it.
KDE intends X.0 releases to not be spectacular.
Old 9th June 2008, 02:37 AM
benvanderjagt Offline
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F8 and F9

I'd like to stick to Fedora 8, but Fedora 9 fixes problems that I still have with 8.

I'm setting up Fedora on scores of old Presario 700 laptops, but Fedora 8's Savage driver is -very- buggy, and since Fedora 9 has the newest release of X.org, the problems have been thoroughly fixed (and then some.) However, KDE4 is unusable on these laptops.

On desktops that use new nVidia cards and wish to run World of Warcraft on Wine, it's this same X version that doesn't work with the 100 series beta driver from nVidia that works correctly with it.

The wireless drivers on 8 work with most of these wireless minipci-express cards I have, but it doesn't work right with the sound cards (or ACPI) on some of the newer laptops...it's vice-versa for Fedora 9.

It's so frustrating how these things keep coming up. I want the best of both worlds, and it should be easy to do, but the best combination is always difficult.

I -wish- that I had one installer (heh, a WORKING installer, not the broken heap that is the Fedora 9 installer) that would let me pick KDE3 or KDE4, 2.6.24 or 2.6.25 kernel, and 1.4.999 or 1.3 X.org. That shouldn't be difficult.

*sigh* I guess it's more work than it's worth. I think I will probably just hold off on setting up these systems for sale for another couple weeks...or just manually make working combinations of RPM's.
Old 9th June 2008, 02:42 AM
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Fedora Alpha9 is long since Dead .... and the Forum Section has been archived.

If you have a question post it in the active Forums

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