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repeated crashes i think cause is wireless network card details inside

sorry bout the long story but my thought process is weird so when i don't give a full explanation then i usually leave out something important and that seams like a bad idea if i want a solution

so windows kept annoying me so i decided to switch back to fedora i stopped using years ago cause my wireless bridge broke and the wireless pci card i replaced it with didn't just work and I'm lazy and wanted to play some games that required windows so figured lets kill 2 birds with one stone and just switch to windows

anyway i started with kde f16 from a live USB and wireless internet was not working i knew my card was broadcom so i searched the forum and found this guide

HOW TO Use Broadcom Wireless Cards in Fedora 14/15/16


revealed that my card is

04:06.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4321 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)

so fallowing the chart i scroll down to How to install and use the Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA driver (broadcom-wl) and fallow the instructions there in and get every thing installed and it don't work lucky me there is Some things to try if it doesn't work and the first one

Check the installed packages against the running kernel. It should all make sense by the version numbers. If it doesn't, then fix the installed packages situation. And make sure the correct kernel is running for the installed kmod package versions (a very common mistake).

but i cant figure out how to change running kernel on live USB or install old kmod package and i was planning on installing to hard drive any way once i got every thing working hell i had already bought one months ago it just took months to work up the initiative to do it and i went with the live version because i forgot where i put the hard drive so i find the hard drive that took about a weak i install it

then i fallow the same steps to get wireless working again reboot and the wireless works so i have like 500 and some odd updates to do try to update every thing with Apper installer unfortunately it stopped working after downloading but before installing just sat waiting for service to start forever so i try installing several updates at a time instead of all of them and that seams to work so i keep doing that over and over again

after i realize it seams to be working that way i move somewhere more comfortable and continue using wireless gradually increasing the number of updates i preform at once when i get my first crash so i assume it was cause some thing was not working well with an older version on the new kernel and cut back on the number i update at once i make some headway and it crashes in the middle of update this time so i restart and i know i still had like 200 updates left to do but it says i don't need any so i know some thing is wrong just not what and i keep crashing about every 10 minutes i while trying to figure out what is wrong

eventually i tried updating from console with yum update and it would start to work and then fail i don't remember exact message but what ever it was lead me to be leave it was looking in the wrong place for the the rpm repository i had no idea how to fix that and i did not want to try I'm lazy so i just re installed cause that took less effort

so i start over this time i decide to do the updates first so that happens on the old kernel which ever thing was designed for instead of while running off a new kernel that it was not designed for i and that worked and i figured while I'm at it i may as well upgrade to 17 while I'm at it so i yum preupgrade that works and when its done and iv got 17 and every thing is updated i deal with the wireless again so i start using it and i crash like every 10 minutes so i try lots of things i get rid of Firefox cause i was using that every time it crashed and use Konqueror it still crashes

but this time kwallet manager asks me for password and I'm like what? and give it the password and then it asks for the routers password over and over again no matter what i put and when i go to manage connections and try to edit the connection to my router it has switched to no security mode and if i reenter it switches right back then after a short while it crashes i restart and ever thing is fine again for like 10 minutes so I'm stating to get the feeling that the wireless card is somehow causing the problem

so i switch back to fedora 16 at the boot loader cause i want to test if that crashes since it has no broadcom-wl so i install a psx emulator and play ff7 for a while and everything works great hours later and no crashes so I'm more confident i was right and wireless networking is causing the problem

so i search the forms again trying to find if someone else had this problem and the only thing similar to my problem was someone with a laptop had a problem that was similar and his solution was to blacklist his Ethernet driver and then his wireless worked so i tried that even though i had a desktop and the driver name was different and it changed nothing except i cant use that port anymore and i don't know how to un blacklist it

most of the time the crash involves the kernel panicking switching back to text console and similar text frozen on the screen every time some parts are always the same and some part are always different but similar in this text i wrote the parts that don't change down but i don't feel like typing that all down cause of how long it will take me to get it exact (I'm bad a copying i read what is there process it then try to say it again and i usually say it a different way after processing it and i don't even notice its different unless i double check it many times it got me in trouble all the time in school teachers always thought i was not doing my own work cause my rough draft was so much different from my final copy part of that was that spell check didn't usually help so id re structure whole sentences so i could use different words and it still make sense making it seem like some one with a greater vocabulary wrote it ) but i will if some one thinks it might help

at some point i had the idea that if i disconnect from wireless network whine I'm not using it that would solve the problem or at least delay it but it just changes it from every 10 minutes crashing to every couple hours still crashes eventually every time even when disconnected however the text is different when this happens so far it has happened twice while typing this post

some times the crash involves the every thing just freezing without going to text mode usually before this kwallet will ask me for password and then then asking for the wireless key over and over again once when it froze this way i hit pause break key and it unfroze momentarily

also SELinux Alert Browser keeps detecting the same error listed below so far the alert count is up to 30 for this error

SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/systemd-tmpfiles from getattr access on the directory /var/tmp/kdecache-root.

and SELiniux just caught this one

SELinux is preventing /usr/sbin/tmpwatch from getattr access on the directory /var/tmp/kdecache-root.
Alert Count 3
First Seen Fri 10 Aug 2012 03:16:07 AM EDT
Last Seen Fri 10 Aug 2012 03:16:07 AM EDT
Local ID cff00767-b5e8-4cfd-9c19-b1db93f1ce2a

i have the full details from SELinux saved if that would be helpful let me know

both times the kernel panicked switched to console my motherboard was listed so that might be the problem its made by gigabyte

i cant think of any thing else that may be a clue to my problem but let me know if you have any suggestions or something i need to clarify and thanks to anyone for any help you can give
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